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The West Michigan Dashboard

Understanding the health and prosperity of a community is an essential component to ensuring continued growth.  The West Michigan Dashboard highlights 34 metrics from economic, social and environmental factors as key performance indicators to measure year over year changes.



Created by the West Michigan Regional Prosperity Alliance, data collected covers economic development, regional transportation, workforce development, higher education, private business, community development and philanthropic organizations. 

As a leading economic growth area for the State of Michigan, this collaborative effort is yet another example of the strength and innovative leadership of the communities across West Michigan.  

Economic Factors:

Total Employment | Average Annual Wage | Labor Force Participation Rate | Households Below the ALICE Threshold | Employment Gap | 25 to 34 Year Old Population | Population 25+ with Associates Degree or Higher | Percentage of Females Employed | Percentage of Engineers in the Workforce | Income from Self Employed Workers | Career Technical Education Enrollment | Energy Costs per Kilowatt Hour | Households with Less than 1GB Broadband Internet Access | Percentage of Highways in Good Condition | Business Loans Greater than $1 Million | Amount of Venture Capital Annually


Median Income | Total Population by Age and Race | Third Grade Reading Level | High School Graduation Rate | FAFSA Application Rates | High School Enrollment | Post High School Certifications Awarded | Violent Crimes per 100,000 Residents | Low Birth-Weight Percentage | Voter Participation Rate


Population on a Municipal Water System | Per Capita Water Usage | Number of Closed Beach Days Annually | Population with Less than 30 Minute Commute | Ground Level Ozone Levels | Per Capita Type II Municipal Waste | Particulate Matter 2.5 mg per Cubic Meter