Prudential One Realty becomes Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northern Indiana Real Estate

Prudential One Realty

Leading Indiana real estate for a half century



Prudential One Realty is now a member of the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northern Indiana Real Estate Team!

The strength, service, and heritage of Prudential One Realty lives on under the next chapter for the fifty year old company, growing stronger with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northern Indiana Real Estate.

Leading the way in Indiana real estate since 1945, the Dunfee family has been defining the real estate industry for nearly a half century.

Joe Dunfee opened Associated Realty in 1945 with three partners in South Bend, Indiana.  He forged the foundations of the industry by writing the licensing law that would lead to the professional licensure of Indiana real estate agents since.  He was joined by his sons, Bill and Joe Dunfee in 1967.

By the early 1970s, the family bought into the first real estate franchise in the country, the Gallery of Homes, bringing the real estate franchise system to the region.  Out of their flagship office in South Bend, they created the first multi-office firm, growing from 5 agents to 145, with up to 10 regional locations, and securing their position as the number one real estate company in Northern Indiana. 

In 1989, Joe Dunfee forged ahead, bringing in the Prudential Real Estate franchise to the area with Prudential Dunfee Realtors—one of the first Prudential groups in the country.  In 2010, Dunfee negotiated a merger of three additional brokerages, West Culver Realty, two ERA brokerages, and a Michigan based brokerage, and created Prudential One Realty.

The next chapter led to the transition to the Prudential Preferred, REALTORS Family of Companies.  Joe Dunfee and Steve Fase originally met in 2001, both interested in expanding into the Kalamazoo market.  Their business relationship grew in the mid-2000s, establishing a deep respect and friendship. 

By 2012, Dunfee and Fase negotiated a deal to incorporate Prudential One Realty into the Prudential Preferred, REALTORS Family of Companies. 

“Every merger and acquisition has some kind of twist and turn to it,” Fase said.  But in working with Dunfee, they are building the Northern Indiana region into an even stronger organization with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. 

“It starts with trust,” Dunfee explained. “It starts with mutual business philosophies on how you treat your agents, staff and the public.”  As you work through those items, you see that the decisions you make are more similar than they are different.  It made Fase’s company an obvious choice for Dunfee.

“The legend continues,” Fase said.  “Our team in Indiana is great.  They’ve got new life, and a new story to share with the area with the Berkshire Hathaway tools.  I’m getting what I wanted, and they’re happy.  We’re making people’s dreams come true down there.”

Both Fase and Dunfee expect the reach in Northern Indiana to continue to grow.  “We’ve always been on the leading edge, first to build new offices, education, relocation.  We’re always the first out there,” Dunfee explained.  Being progressive, forward thinking, and finding the newest ways to serve the public in real estate transactions is the heart of the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northern Indiana Real Estate brokerage.