Grand Rapids | Art of the Collaborative City Video

Welcome to Grand Rapids
Community.  Innovation.  Investment.



Downtown Grand Rapids:  Art of the Collaborative City

"Every city has buildings, places and people.
But some have community.
Some even have a vision
But very few have a collaborative, innovative, pioneering spirit"

"This is what differentiates us.
An unwavering believe in who we are…
And together what we can accomplish"

"A City of Art:  Top 10 city Artistic Boom"

"A City of Design"

"Top 10 Emerging U.S. Downtowns
#1 in LEED Certified Buildings per capita
Top 10 City Biopharmaceutical and R& D Investment
Most Sustainable Mid-Size City
Home to more than 80 International companies
Beer City USA"

"A City of Talent
Life Sciences
Advanced Manufacturing

"A City of Place
Top 10 Highest Grossing Arena, Worldwide
Best Place to Invest
Best Place to Raise a Family
Best Place to Retire"

"Grand Rapids, So Much More."

Video provided courtesy of Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. and Experience Grand Rapids.