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Building your team

Building and Defining a team - it's not complicated. It's defining your needs and aligning them for success. The Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Brand is not only proven to attract great customers, but also great agents that want to work with the best to maximize their business potential.
We believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to with the right support -whether that be taking your business to the next level or managing your business more effectively allowing you more time to be the person you want to be outside of work. Our support model is not rocket science but the results just might feel like it.

Build Your Team: Administrative Support

We hire, train and empower our administrative staff to support our agents in a truly unique way. They are not there to simply answer the phone, they are the single most crucial part in progressing your flow of business, freeing up your time so you can spend it doing what you do best...working with your clients. We hear this from agents that come to us from other areas of real estate. The support we provide from an administration level is superior. Whether it is setting up your new listing by uploading paperwork, handling all aspects of the photography process, launching the marketing process by creating your marketing pieces and scheduling mailings, creating online Seller Advantage Reports, creating your client contacts into the Customer for Life program. Our administrative staff understands their role and knows who the customer is, you, the agent!

Cultivate: Agent Training

So we have helped to free up your time to create a wider client base and increase your transactions. The next step is to form your team. We have a proven record of success for building teams. Unparalleled agent training cultivates new agents and helps prepare them to be ready to join a team. Our model teaches those aspiring to be great agents the tools and discipline they need to succeed. Through this comprehensive training we can help you identify agents that can build the foundation of your team strengthening your service capabilities. We foster a program that defines your needs and the strengths of those new in the business to encourage a match for your team structure. We provide management consult and support so each party clearly understands the role and expectations of that team structure. We understand every team need is unique and we offer varying options so your business remains uninterrupted as you grow.

Maintain: Management Consultation

You have increased your productivity, added to your team and set high goals for the upcoming year. You need to remain focused on your business plan not managing your teams daily work flow. This is where our management staff is outstanding. They understand the industry at a mirco level and help agents to not only define their goals but to achieve them through a unique business plan the empowers you to run your business as your own, but allows for unique support and resources that only larger businesses can provide. Our management staff acts as your business consult liaison for team building. They help you to define your needs, create a path and consult with you and your team to keep it running at its optimal level. They understand the complexities of a team environment and are skilled at assessing your challenges ahead. They will assist you to achieve optimal team culture through conflict resolution and constant communication, resulting in you achieving your business goals in the most logical and strategic path possible.

At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Michigan Real Estate our approach to team building is unique because we want you to focus on your business growth through increased client time and sales not spent recruiting and training agents. We know that time away from clients prohibits your growth goals. No matter where you are in the team stage we can assist. You may already have a team but want to breathe new life and enhanced work flow into your daily routine, we can help. We understand and have experienced success with many of our agents taking business to the next level and empowering their team to operate efficiently. Come see why we are different, you just might be saying "Go Team" sooner than you think!