Ideas For A Fun & Safe Memorial Day Weekend

Many know the start of the summer begins with Memorial Day Weekend, and we wanted to give you some ways to crank up the heat! We know things might look a little bit different this year, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! We will cook up some ideas for you to pencil into your weekend plans!

Get outside! The weather is forecasted to be warm and sunny, which is no time to stay on the couch. Get the grill fired up, dust off the yard games, and fill the cooler with ice! We’ll even let you in on our favorite outdoor recipe: a tarp, dish soap, and water. Mix well, and you’ve got yourself a DIY backyard waterpark! The slip n’ slide is one of the best, and easiest, ways to get everyone outside and into the sun, while being one of the all-time best summer activities!

Now that you’ve got the yard games dusted off, take the family to the Olympics… the yard game Olympics! Section the back yard into different events and go head-to-head with your family to try and take home a Gold medal! Things like bocce ball, ladder ball, horseshoes and cornhole are now your chances at achieving legendary athletic status. Create a point system for winning different events and give points to the winners of each event. At the end, have everyone add up their scores, and whoever comes away with the most points wins Gold!

While we still suggest staying close to home, Michigan and Indiana are home to a seemingly endless number of lakes and rivers that are all open to be enjoyed! Whether it’s the first weekend to drop the boat in, or to get armed and ready with your kayak paddles, exploring local lakes and rivers is sure to create an afternoon of fun. Even if you have to rent, many lakes have marinas where renting kayaks, canoes, and even pontoons are available to the public. If boats aren’t in the cards, there are several slow moving rivers you can sit on a floaty and take a cruise down a natural lazy river. The link will take you to a list of some of the bigger floatable rivers but check near you to see smaller rivers that will accommodate your blow-up unicorns! Please remember to practice social distancing and to be safe, but make sure to have fun!

The smell of an outdoor barbecue is more than welcome this time of the year, and it’s time to settle the feud between your next door neighbor as to who smokes the best brisket. Hopefully it’s not actually that serious but be prepared either way! Now is the time to try something new and grill up your holy grail of meat that you’ve been putting off. Baby back ribs, brisket, New York strips, whatever! And if you prefer the veggies, check out that link for 32 delicious vegetarian barbecue inspired foods! Gather the family around to gorge on a home-cooked barbecue dinner!