Real Estate Stories that Could Be April Fools Pranks

We could go on and on about our REALTORS® and the funny stories they bring back to the office. But below are some of our favorites that are so funny, we thought they must be April Fools Pranks!

1. “I was helping a first time home buyer and we came across a new listing. The listing comments read “Charming 3-bedroom, 1 bath. Just needs a ‘little TLC.’
The house in real life:

*photo credit: Sara Dennison


2. This one is more of a professional hazard really…

“When you think everything looks good, you’re on the road to closing, and then…”

*Video credit: The Lighter Side of Real Estate


3. “There always seem to be surprises before the open house. It’s like, “what else could possibly happen before this?” Just once, I’d love to have and open house that goes completely without a hitch.”
Client: our pet snake got loose this morning, but we’ll find it before the open house!

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Client: We will definitely have everything clean for the open house!
Me, arriving 30 minutes before the open house:

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Me, when the tenants are home after confirming they would leave:

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4. “Never, ever, under any circumstance whatsoever, believe the budgets on HGTV!”



5. “When showing a home, my buyer and I had the strange feeling that someone was watching us.”


5 Ways to Up Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal typically brings to mind spring planting, weeding, lawn maintenance, and maybe some hardscaping to bring definition to your garden. But some of our favorite curb appeal tips have nothing to do with your yard! Take a look at our top 5 tips below for curb appeal that wows.

1. It’s all about color.

One of the first things buyers always seem to notice is color! So, give your front porch a little love with a fresh coat of paint to your front door, or some fun furniture accents. We’re loving this cabernet colored door, or may we suggest an outdoor chair or pillow in the Pantone Color of the Year, Living Coral? 

*photo credit to Pantone LLC.

2. You’ve got mail.

A fresh new take on this staple for any home could be just what you need. Be sure to check your neighborhood or HOA for any rules/restrictions, but you can freshen up where you receive your daily mail for very little investment, just by visiting your local hardware store. Try a new pedestal or roadside mailbox, or this modern wall mount mailbox is sure to stand out.

3. Improve Your Numbers

House numbers have become something of a trend in recent years, and for good reason!  They are such a quick and easy way to update the look of your entry way. Try a modern new display with chic metallics and dark wood tones,  get crafty with a planter/numbers combo, or get custom numbers carved into metal, like this example. There are so many options, and all add a little flair.

4. Let Your Light Shine

Outdoor lighting can add another level to your curb appeal – especially for people who may be house hunting in the early evening hours.  Think about how welcoming a brightly lit entry way feels compared to one that is dark and hidden. Help buyers see your hard work by adding new sconce lighting or some trendy Edison lightbulb strands.

5. Power Wash the Dirt Away

So simple, and we know we keep telling you that cleaning is key, but it really is! If you don’t own a power washer, renting one for the day from a local hardware store can be a huge game changer for your curb appeal. Buyers will see a fresh clean house as they walk up and instantly feel welcome and at home.

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Top 5 Home Staging Tips You NEED To Know

So, you spent the time in January and February to completely Marie Kondo your home, and it isn’t sparking joy in your life any longer. Maybe it’s time to think about selling? Our REALTORS® are here to help you every step of the way, including whether or not you should sell your home – but if you decide that is the next step, here are some of our favorite home staging tips!

  1. De-clutter & Clean

You’ve already got that decluttering down, right? (If not – check out our series on how to tidy up your home!) Cleaning is of utmost importance when staging and selling your home. Wipe down countertops and clean mirrors regularly, especially in preparation for a showing. Insure floors are clean, check out the inside of appliances (especially if you are selling them with the home) and dust, dust, dust! Not into cleaning? That’s ok, our REALTORS® can recommend resources to help with this.

  1. De-personalize Your Space

Homebuyers want to picture themselves in your space. By removing personal items, like family photos, unique design choices, bathroom toiletries, and anything overtly religious, you allow the buyer to see their photos, their design, their toiletries, etc. Now, you don’t need to do any major renovating to achieve this, nor do you need to clear everything away – you’re aiming for comfortable and charming.

  1. Stage Kitchen, Living Room, Master Bedroom First

The kitchen, living room and master bedroom are the three most lived in rooms in a home. Because of that, homebuyers often make their decisions based on these spaces! Create an environment that helps to showcase the best assets of these rooms, and you will help homebuyers picture themselves living life there too.

  1. Well Placed Color Can Go A Long Way

Most home staging tips will say neutral everything is the key. But some well-placed color can help your home feel vibrant, exciting, adventurous, or calming, serene and comforting. When thinking about color in your home, stick to items like throw pillows, rugs, blankets or fresh flowers to add color – you take those things with you, so the buyer won’t feel stuck with a bright orange wall or pink carpet.

  1. Consult the Professionals

Feeling overwhelmed with our first four tips? That’s where we come in. Our REALTORS® can help guide your home staging choices, and even recommend some trusted industry partners. Feeling eager to get going? Contact a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Michigan Real Estate agent today!