Tips for Moving During COVID 19

We have all had to adapt to this “new normal” that COVID 19 has brought about but moving during this time brings a whole new set of challenges and we are here to help you navigate those waters.

Step 1: Do as much as you can on your own but if you need help do your homework on the companies in your area. Ask about their sanitation procedures, and make sure that the movers are required to wear masks, gloves, and booties. Also, regardless of whether there is a pandemic make sure that the company you choose has a reasonable cancelation policy in case your plans change!

Step 2: Minimize your contact. See if the company you choose will do virtual quotes or if they offer fully contactless service. Need to tip the movers? See beforehand if they accept Venmo, PayPal, or another form of contactless tipping.

Step 3: Take extra sanitary precautions by wearing masks and gloves yourself, disinfect surfaces and objects that are frequently touched especially doorknobs and handles. Lastly to lighten your move load and help those in need during this pandemic donate your shelf stable items to a local food bank!

Moving is hard no matter what, but adding a pandemic on top of it makes it extra challenging right now, but just do the best you can and know you can do this!

How to Stay Fit at Home

Quarantine seems to have done a number on most of us and with gyms still closed we all need to become creative when it comes to getting back in shape!

Switching to a home workout isn’t easy but there are ways you can establish a great home workout routine to get you through this pandemic happy and healthy.

Free home workout apps

If you love the atmosphere of a gym or studio then these apps are for you. They are prerecorded or live videos of classes that you can do right in your living room. These videos are typically between 25-60 mins and most require little to no equipment so you can jump right in and get your sweat on!

Now most do require a subscription or membership but due to the pandemic many providers are offering them either for free or for an extended trial.

Here is a list of all the ones we think you would enjoy:


CorePower Yoga

Nike Training Club


No equipment or time to spare?

HIIT workouts need to become your new best friend. HIIT stand for “high intensity interval training,” and these short workouts are just as effective as a full gym session! What these workouts do is challenge you in the cardio and muscle department, improving your heart, lungs, muscles, and nervous system. Best part is these workouts can be done in 20 mins or less! Some of the mentioned apps above offer HIIT workouts but if you don’t want to deal with another app on your phone or a subscription to worry about there are a lot of trainers providing free HIIT workouts online

We’ve linked one you can follow here

Make it simple

Take advantage of your neighborhood or a local trail. Hike, bike, jog, or walk at least for 30 mins every day. Or use your own yard for some bodyweight circuits, might as well be outside than indoors! 

Here’s a great body circuit workout to follow

Hopefully these tips help you get back into a routine and bring some normalcy to these crazy times!

Safe 4th of July Firework Celebrations to Attend

There is no doubt that this 4th of July is going to look different this year due to the pandemic and social distancing, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t celebrate the fourth of July!!

Most cities have canceled their firework displays but if it’s not the fourth for you without some fireworks than you’re in luck! We’ve compiled a list of cities around Michigan and Northern Indiana that have decided to keep their firework displays but with modifications to make sure people are maintaining social distancing and keeping each other safe.

Saturday, July 4, 2020


Lake Orion Fireworks– Fireworks will be launched from the east side of Lake Orion near M-24 at dusk.

Mackinaw City- will have its fireworks on July 4th at 10 pm.

St. Ignace– is still scheduled to have its fireworks festival. The St. Ignace Chamber of Commerce also has a parade listed to happen to start at 6 pm right before the fireworks.

Sault Ste. Marie- on the tip of the U.P. will be having its fireworks show on July 4th. The annual parade has been cancelled.

Silver Lake Sand Dunes near Mears– on Michigan’s west side will have its “Thunder Over The Dunes” starting at 10 pm on July 4th.

Dorr Township- The Dorr Township Festival will be held July 2- July and their annual parade July 4 at 10:30 a.m.; fireworks at dusk with social distancing rules.

Kalamazoo- Galesburg Speedway will be having racing and fireworks July 4 (tickets required)

Northern Indiana:

Fort Wayne- Fireworks will shoot off the top of the Indiana Michigan Power Center in downtown at 10pm

Wabash- Fireworks will start at Dusk at the Field of Dreams