Hidden Costs to Plan for When Buying a New Home

Buying a new home can be an exciting time, but what isn’t exciting is hidden costs popping up that you didn’t plan for. They happen often and can catch buyers unaware and underwater on a new home. There are the easy things to plan for like appraisal and lender fees, but most costs that go beyond those can vary in range of what they could be and how much.

Pay Attention to the Previous Homeowners

Most people don’t think about the previous homeowners being one of the biggest factors affecting your move-in costs, but they absolutely can be. For example if they take the fridge of any large appliance you weren’t expecting them to then that is one more thing that you have to buy when you move in, and large appliances can add up quickly especially when you didn’t factor those costs into your budget.

Making Your House a Home

Is your new home wired for cable? Plan to paint right away? Changing light fixtures? What are the average costs for the home’s utility bills, water and garbage pickup? All this you may have thought of, but not budgeted for and depending what you do can put a huge dent in your wallet the first month after you move in.

Be Prepared

You probably saw this coming but the best way to avoid any of the money stressors above is to be prepared before you sign on the dotted line. Do your research and planning and create a budget before house hunting so you know exactly what you are looking to spend outside of just the house cost. There is no limit to how prepared you can be so research home insurance and property prices in the areas you’re considering, clearly define how much you want to put toward a down payment, and then look at how much that leaves for all the “unexpected costs” like home improvements, new appliances, etc.

These simple and easy steps will help ensure that the house buying process will be as stress free as possible with no unexpected costs that you haven’t planned for along the way.

Easy Quick Valentine’s Day Décor Ideas

Missing your home being decorated for the holidays? Good news, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to add a little love and a pop of color to your home! Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be this big extravagant decorating event like Christmas tends to be. We’ll give you simple ways to add a few quick and inexpensive Valentine’s touches to your home.

All About the Red

Yes, this one may seem obvious, but what we want to stress is that you don’t have to go overboard with the decorations. A few pretty pops of red here and there can really brighten up your home. The best part is you can use practical things like Valentines mugs, red plates, or a couple heart pillows to bring the Valentines vibes, or if you want to go the more traditional decoration route, a red felt LOVE banner is always an adorable addition.

Utilize Candies

If you don’t feel like adding more décor to your home chocolates and candies are great ways to add pops of pinks and reds around your house. Pretty foil rapped chocolates can be put in a bowl on your table or in your foyer and pink and red candies can be dispersed in covered glass containers around your house!

Use Prints and Cards

Prints and cards are the quickest and most inexpensive way to add any seasonal décor to your home. Many places have free downloads or if you’re the creative type you can make some up yourself! Either way they are perfect to add to a frame, your fridge, or just propped up on tables or counter tops.

Whatever you do adding some Valentine’s décor to your home will definitely help with the winter blues and have you feeling the love!

New Home? Renovation Can Wait

With shows like Fixer Upper, Flip or Flop, Property Brothers, etc. The idea of buying a home and immediately starting renovation before you even move in can be very appealing, that way you have everything done and customized before you get settled but before you start pulling up carpet and knocking down walls, wait and hear us out!

You May Change Your Mind

We recommend that a buyer lives in a new home for a while before doing any of the major remodeling. When deciding to buy a fixer upper you may have the perfect idea of what you want your house to look like but that’s just based on what you have seen, not what you have experienced. Living in a home for a while can give you a better perspective day to day of how the house functions and how you want it to function for the future. A kitchen you may have wanted to gut and completely redo may actually only need a few minor changes instead of a whole gut job.

Planning Takes Time

Any renovation takes planning/budgeting plus you just bought a house, so rushing into renovation gives more room for mistakes. Take your time live as is for 6 months to a year…it may seem like a lifetime but we promise it will go fast and that gives you time to finalize your vision, speak to multiple architects, contractors, and designers, to not only see who is the best price but for who fits the best with your vision!

You Deserve a Rest

Whoever said buying a home was easy was lying… oh wait no one says that and for good reason! It is a massive change in your life and for your budget! Most buyers have to jump through many hoops to find the right home and then when you finally do to then add in renovations on top of it… woof. We aren’t saying don’t do anything to spruce up your new home. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders, we are saying for anything big, wait a while and the key phrase of this article is TAKE YOUR TIME!