Decorating for the New Year

There is always that limbo time between Christmas and New Year’s where time seems to just stop and before you know it New Year’s Eve is a couple days away, you have people coming over for a party, and your house is looking like Christmas threw up instead of fresh and festive for The New Year. That being said you don’t have to put away all of your Christmas decorations or spend a ton of money to put up some New Year’s Eve décor that will make you and your guests feel ready to ring in The New Year!  


You can give your home the right New Year’s feel by bringing out some sophisticated colors in your décor whether it be with your Christmas decorations that are already up or with some new but inexpensive decorations! Black, white, silver and gold are perfect celebratory colors for The New Year, but the trick is to pick on main color like gold and use it for at least half of your décor and then accent with another color like silver or black.

The Table

If you don’t feel like decorating your whole house your table is the perfect place to add some New Year’s cheer because let’s be honest parties tend to center around the food and drinks. By adding some silver and gold candle holders, plates, chargers, flatware etc. to accent your table it can be a cheap but easy way to bring a sophisticated New Year’s look to your party without breaking the bank and with minimal effort!  

Party Favors

You can’t have a New Year’s party without party favors, and bonus they can be used for décor. Set sparklers aside in tall hurricane glasses on your mantle, or arrange a table or bar cart with silver, black and gold hats, crowns, poppers, horns, confetti and other festive favors that will instantly add the New Year’s feel to your party!


No New Year’s party is complete without champagne so why not use it as a decoration as well! Hit up the thrift stores to find some unique champagne flutes to place around your table or bar cart. If you can’t find a matching set that’s ok! Having different styles adds a unique flare to your décor and people won’t have to worry about which glass is theirs.

Best New Year’s Eve Parties in the Mitten

Santa has come, presents are unwrapped, and most of us are stuffed to the brim with holiday food but the celebration is not over yet! The New Year is approaching, and we have the best places in Michigan for you to ring in 2020!

New Year’s Eve Ball Drop in Marquette

If you’re up in the snowy upper peninsula for new year’s then you have to hit downtown Marquette for their ball drop! Locals and visitors alike pack the downtown area to watch the ball as it’s lowered from the historic Savings Bank Building.

CherryT Ball Drop in Traverse City

Traverse can be just as fun filled and exciting in the winter especially for New Year’s Eve. Not only is a massive illuminated cherry lowered at the stroke of midnight, but the celebration includes live music, entertainment, and fireworks!

New Year’s Eve Ball Drop in Downtown Ludington

If you’re looking to pair some beer with your New Year’s celebration than look no further than downtown Ludington. Their celebration is complete with an outdoor beer garden, music, and a ball drop with 6,000 LED lights, plus a spectacular firework display.

New Year’s Eve Ballroom Bashes Around the World in Grand Rapids

Maybe being outside in the middle of the winter to watch a ball drop is not your thing…Well don’t fret because The Ballroom Bashes in downtown GR has you covered. Not only will you be able to party in 4 glamorous ballrooms, but each has a unique theme and the party spans from the Amway Grand Plaza to the JW Marriott to the Downtown Courtyard by Marriott! Bonus all are connected via skyway, so you never have to step foot outside!

The Resolution Ball in Downtown Detroit

This party… or excuse us “ball” is claimed to be Detroit’s largest and most exclusive annual New Year’s Eve celebration. The event is filled with DJ’s, acrobats and performers, strolling dinner and premium bar, and last but not least a balloon drop at midnight! Be sure to get your tickets fast because the event has sold out the past 15 years.

Didn’t see something in your area? Check out this full guide of New Year’s Eve celebrations available from Pure Michigan!

Moving During the Holidays Tips

The holidays can already be stressful without adding moving out of your home to your to-do list. Whether your moving far away or across the street we have some helpful tips to make moving during the holidays as stress free as possible.

Budget, Budget, Budget

It’s already hard enough to stay on a budget with all the gift buying and other expenses you can incur during the holiday season, let alone having to add in moving expenses, but don’t fret. If you’re hiring movers aim to move mid -week, or if you want to avoid the cost of movers all together cost-efficient alternatives like rental trucks or portable moving containers would be a perfect way to save a few bucks. Lastly DOWNSIZE, the less boxes you have to move the cheaper it will be so look at selling some items on Craigslist or donating to places like Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Pack Early

This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but begin to pack a couple weeks early, and chose a location, like your garage to store all your belongings so they aren’t just piled around your house. Start with the non-essential items that you can go without for a few weeks and as time gets closer than start packing up the essentials!

Still Put Up Decorations

Just because you’re moving during the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate and decorate! All you have to do is make sure to keep your decorations to a minimum. There are lots of options when it comes to decorating that don’t require a ton of set up. Just be careful when it comes to putting up a Christmas tree if the holiday is too close to your moving date. Or if you do put up a tree make sure to use minimal ornaments. Lights, strung popcorn, and tinsel can be just as festive!

Keep Your Family Busy

Don’t let the stress of moving ruin the holiday fun! Stick to your family traditions just don’t push it. Make time to enjoy some old community traditions as well before moving to somewhere new. Drive around your neighborhood and look at the light displays, stop at your local coffee shop to grab some hot chocolate, anything to saver the time you have left before venturing to somewhere new!

Holiday Wrapping Tips

We spend a lot of time running around getting the perfect presents for our family members so why not take the time to make them look pretty which will add to your holiday décor! Now we know what some of you may be thinking, that you aren’t creative or even good at wrapping but we promise you with our simple tips under your tree will be looking like a Martha Stewart catalog in no time!

Create a Workspace

simple step will make a huge difference in your gift-wrapping productivity. The space doesn’t have to be a whole room or even have a table. It could be the corner of your bedroom or a makeshift space set up in your basement but by having a place where all your wrapping, bows and materials are will make it easier and a lot more fun to get the job done. Hey, it may even help spark some creativity!

Have the Right Tools

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to cut wrapping paper with dull scissors or have tape that just won’t rip right, so having the right tools is essential to not only making your presents look clean and professional but it will make your life a whole lot easier. No need to go crazy all you need is a ruler, two pair of scissors (one for paper one for ribbon), and two kinds of tape (double sided for bows and matte finish for packages).

Don’t Skimp on the Paper Quality

A wrapping nightmare can easily ensue if you have the wrong kind of paper. Too thin will tear easily allowing the corner of packages to poke through, too thick will make your packages look bulky and use up a lot of tape. The sweet spot is getting a medium grade paper with a bit of metallic finish. This type of paper will look nice and give you sharp clean edges.

Have an Array of Embellishments Ready

Even if you are the worst gift wrapper in the world, adding the right embellishment to the outside of the package will step it up a notch and make your packages look professional. Embellishments can be as simple as a ribbon, clippings of greenery or holly, or even some tiny inexpensive ornaments.

Best Ice Skating Rinks in the Mitten

Winter in Michigan is just as special as the summer, even though many Michiganders would never admit it. Yes, we lose the sun and the warmth, but bonus, we gain a winter wonderland filled with lots of outdoor activities. One of the most popular winter activities that is fun for the whole family is ice skating!

East Side

The Rink at Campus Martius Park in downtown Detroit has the perfect setup to enjoy a wintery day in the “D”. This rink will give you all the holiday feels as it is located beneath their gorgeous Christmas tree (that rivals the tree in NYC if we do say so ourselves) and surrounded by other small local shops and boutiques. The Cadillac Square Lounge is also very near to the rink, making it easy to stop in to warm up, and maybe enjoy a warm beverage.


Grand Rapids joins in on the fun each year and makes sure skaters of all walks of life have the opportunity to lace ’em up in the winter. Rosa Parks Circle hosts the ice rink each year and surrounds it with Christmas lights and holiday cheer.

For something different than your run of the mill ice rink Muskegon has you cover with their Winter Sports Complex. It’s a huge property dedicated to all things winter and highlighted by an ice-skating trail in the wood, yes you read that right! The complex also holds an ice luge, cross-country skiing opportunities, a sledding hill, and snowshoeing paths. Any winter activity lover will be occupied for hours and will leave there planning their next trip to come back.

Northern Michigan

If a trip up north is on your list for winter getaway, Saint Ignace should be at the top. Bordering the downtown area, the bay is made into several ice rinks, open for any and all to use. The rinks are also host one of the biggest pond hockey tournaments in the United States!

Traveling is not always necessary to find an outdoor ice rink, and if you live near a park or public gathering center, some of these areas will make ice rinks during the winter. Research your local area to see who might be putting up a sheet of ice this winter, because you might have a spot of your own right in your backyard! If not, and you are feeling adventurous, building an ice rink in your back yard is always an option! The internet is your go to for a step-by-step process of turning your back yard into an ice rink. It could even become tradition for your family!