It’s Almost Fall, Y’all!

Even though most of Michigan is having a little second summer over here, our minds are firmly planted in Fall!  Whether you love the fall for all things pumpkin spice, you love celebrating Halloween, you enjoy the changing fall landscape, or everything is your favorite, there is an abundance of home décor options to fit every style! Here’s some of our top tips for bringing your décor ideas to life.

Stick to a consistent theme

If you aren’t an experienced decorator, or feel overwhelmed, one way to make things simpler is to stick with one consistent theme throughout your house. That theme could be a color scheme (like fall leaves colors or fall neutrals) a type of décor (rustic, spooky, natural for example), or could be built off of a specific piece (like pumpkins, or leaves, or scarecrows).

Shop discounts

Home deco can get expensive! Make sure as you shop for décor items to keep in mind beginning and end of season sales. You can save a lot of money by stocking up on next year’s fall décor in November this year.

Decorate in vignettes

It’s a classic rule in decorating, things look great groups of 3 or odd numbers. Does your décor plan call for a candle? Consider adding two candles of varying heights widths to complete the look. How about those pumpkins on the porch? A line of three pumpkins on your steps or a cluster of 5 on the patio will look so charming!

Consider a décor subscription box

Subscription boxes are just about everywhere in online retail, and not surprisingly, there are a bunch of great options for home décor. Having a retailer provide your décor Look into these to get started:

  • Decocrated: A quarterly décor subscription offering seasonal features like candles, books or linens.
  • Sundae Home: Delivered bi-monthly, this service offers multiple price points so you can choose your level of goodies! Get fun seasonal signs, blankets, candles and more.
  • Deckd: Their tagline is “Seasonal Décor, Delivered to your Door” so it couldn’t be simpler!


Whatever you decide for your fall decor, we want to see pictures! Tag @bhhsmichiganrealestate on Instagram or Facebook to potentially be featured on our pages.