Eco Friendly Tips for Your Home

Each and every day, our REALTORS® try to be good stewards for our communities and environment.  There are a ton of ways we, as homeowners, can impact the environment for the better! The key is to start small, in whatever ways you can and build from there.

1. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We’re taking it back to the basics for our first tip – but it is so critical! Make sure that you are reducing your consumption of products that may clog landfills, like Styrofoam packing materials, plastic single use bottles, etc.  Switch to reusable whenever you can, like aluminum water bottles or fabric grocery totes. Recycle whenever possible – this is a great way to get the kids involved too.

2. Change Your Gardening Routine

Rather than using harmful pesticides to keep your garden and lawn work together, switch to something that is pollinator friendly like all-natural fertilizers.  Pollinators are incredibly important in food production and atmosphere maintenance from plant life, and pesticides threaten many of those species, like bees.

3. Plant a Tree

This is a great family friendly activity. Studies show that by planting one tree, you can help to combat the effects global greenhouse gas emissions. And you and your family will enjoy your contribution for years to come. Can’t plant a tree in your space? The Canopy Project is a great organization that plants one tree for every dollar donated.

4. Lower your water consumption

Water is a renewable resource, yet much of the world does not have access to clean and safe water. And while water might be one of your lowest utility bills this month, there are a lot of savings to be had! Consider turning off the water when brushing teeth or shaving, install low flow shower heads or high efficiency flush toilets to use less of this precious resource.

5. Explore LEED or Energy Star Certification

Looking at a new construction project, or building a new home? Consider asking your REALTOR® for their recommendation on a LEED certified builder to help with your home. The LEED program provides guidelines for building a more-eco-friendly home and LEED certified properties are becoming more and more popular. Not building a new home? Try looking for new Energy Star appliances to give your home a mini boost.

Real Estate Stories that Could Be April Fools Pranks

We could go on and on about our REALTORS® and the funny stories they bring back to the office. But below are some of our favorites that are so funny, we thought they must be April Fools Pranks!

1. “I was helping a first time home buyer and we came across a new listing. The listing comments read “Charming 3-bedroom, 1 bath. Just needs a ‘little TLC.’
The house in real life:

*photo credit: Sara Dennison


2. This one is more of a professional hazard really…

“When you think everything looks good, you’re on the road to closing, and then…”

Real Estate Life


Posted by The Lighter Side of Real Estate on Wednesday, March 27, 2019

*Video credit: The Lighter Side of Real Estate


3. “There always seem to be surprises before the open house. It’s like, “what else could possibly happen before this?” Just once, I’d love to have and open house that goes completely without a hitch.”
Client: our pet snake got loose this morning, but we’ll find it before the open house!

Run Away GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


Client: We will definitely have everything clean for the open house!
Me, arriving 30 minutes before the open house:

Extreme Hoarding Buried Alive GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


Me, when the tenants are home after confirming they would leave:

What Are You Doing Here Lauren GIF by The Hills - Find & Share on GIPHY



4. “Never, ever, under any circumstance whatsoever, believe the budgets on HGTV!”



5. “When showing a home, my buyer and I had the strange feeling that someone was watching us.”