Agent Testimonials: A Better Kind of Training, Abby Griffin

Unmatched Training

The most successful real estate agents have a strong foundation in the real estate industry, and continuously reach for new knowledge to better serve their clients.  Our training program is unmatched.  It leverages a full circle approach to real estate.  Regardless of whether you are new to the business or an experienced agent – the practical teachings are available to you.  By promoting a continuous curriculum from new to experienced agents, our goal is to inspire growth in agents of all levels, building a real estate agent community that leads the industry.



"When I came to class, I felt like I already had experience, and that I was doing a good job representing my buyers and working with clients," explained Abby Griffin of Grand Rapids.  "But I just realized that there was this technical piece with the forms and understanding why we do things the way we do, and how it all relates back to the GRAR and the MLS, and then I felt more educated, and it made me feel better working with my clients going  forward."

"I think how you started out every class with something very positive and uplifting, it just set the tone for the class.  It just made me feel more confident going out and doing sales," she said.  "It really helped me to start my business when you broke it down for us with how much money do you want to make this year, so then how many sales do you need to get.  So to get those sales, how many contacts do we need to make, so how many phone calls per day is that."

"You made it seem so simple--you just come in and just need to do these few things, and work hard, and you can have the success that you’ve imagined.  You connected those two things and made it seem really simple."